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Wait…It’s August?!?

Is it just me, or does it feel like July passed by in a blink of an eye? Today marks day 141 since this began for me, so it makes sense that an entire month would feel like the briefest of moments given our concept of time at the moment. Time…what is time? What day is it?

As has been the trend, I have spent the month of July keeping busy by being creative, taking a moment to breath, and seeking out opportunities for continued growth. Trust me, I have certainly had my fair share of low points throughout the month, but as I do every morning when I get up, I recommit myself to practicing gratitude and seeking out the positive amongst all this negative we have swirling around us. Here’s a recap of my July mischief and a few musings as well.

Back at the beginning of June I made a commitment to myself that I would follow through with previously schedule vacation plans, obviously with a new outlook and added precautions given the state of the world. I dubbed it, “Operation Unplug” and wouldn’t you know it, this year I actually followed through with it and unplugged… well at least 98% of the way. I am happy to report, for the first time in over 8 years, I actually didn’t check my work email…totally true! My colleagues in my department were even surprised to not see emails from me. HaHa! l I was fortunate to spend some time with my family and work on upcoming projects with guitarist LeeLee Hunter. It was a much needed Control-ALT-DELETE reset.

Another exciting thing I got to work on during “Operation Unplug” was drafting a presentation that I was set to give later on in the month via Zoom for a group of University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine students. This was made possible by my involvement with the Children’s Craniofacial Association’s Speakers’ Bureau. This opportunity was such an honor to be a part of and I totally enjoyed writing the presentation and meeting this group of future health care providers who are committed to the art of Choosing Kind. Even though I am no stranger to the stage, I was so nervous!

Finally, to close out the month, I presented two more Zoom Mini Concerts in collaboration with guitarist LeeLee Hunter. We had a fantastic time putting these two programs together and enjoyed engaging with our audiences in this virtual environment. It’s always nerve racking to present these types of events. You just gotta give over and put it out into the Zoom VOID and hope it goes well. I love the challenge! Keep a lookout for more of these events. :)

I hope you all are holding up well. I know some major decisions have come down recently about school plans for the fall and some employers have had to eliminate positions or furlough their employees. I know we are all tired and weary, but please don’t lose sight of what it means to push forward and keep going. In this current situation, the only thing we truly have control of is how we choose to respond. Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder and hold each other up. <3

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