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Step Into That Spotlight and

Embrace Your Uniqueness


Check out some excerpts from several of Chelsea's talks.

Making an Entrance Chelsea Buyalos
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I Always Chuckle Chelsea Buyalos
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The Windows to the SoulChelsea Buyalos
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Why?Chelsea Buyalos
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At birth, I was diagnosed with a rare craniofacial difference called Goldenhar Syndrome. During those early years I found myself, more times than not and all while hiding it behind a strategically placed smile, socially isolated and lacking confidence. Over time, with the help of an amazing support system and a lot of self-exploration in to what it truly means to love one’s self, I finally learned to embrace my truth and live it loudly and proudly. All these years later, I have made it my mission to not only, talk the talk, but to also walk the walk when it comes to helping others embrace themselves despite their craniofacial difference, disability, or other circumstances they may be dealt in life. I share my story in an effort to help dispel some of the assumptions that are placed on individuals who have a physical difference or disability by the world at large. No matter what hand in life you are dealt, it is important to focus on making it the best hand possible. 

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