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The Show Must Go On! Yes, Even On ZOOM!

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Well... it happened!

I'm happy to report that on Thursday, June 4th I hosted my first one woman show via Zoom! Now I've done online events before, but this one was a little different. In those previous instances I only filled the roles of musician and occasionally Emcee. Well this time around, I played all the roles. You name it, I did it, everything from sound engineering and mixing, IT troubleshooting, script writing, to acting as bouncer, Emcee and oh yeah, let's not forget... even the role of SINGER!

After it was all said and done, I fully enjoyed myself, and from early reports those who attended really enjoyed themselves as well!

Here's a little peek of the tech that was needed to pull this virtual event off.

  • Two Computers

  • One iPad

  • One iPhone

  • Two Ring Lights

  • One Gooseneck Phone Holder

  • Blue Yeti Mic

  • JAM Bluetooth Speaker

Oh... and a LOT of testing and equalizing of levels during test Zoom calls with friends who will tell you if it sounds bad... Special shoutout to my colleague, guitarist LeeLee Hunter. Below you can see some snapshots of my setup.

Keep a lookout for more Zoom Mini Concerts coming your way. I've already started planning the next one and am hoping to get some collaborators in the mix.

On a final note, here's me and my antics in-between pieces during the performance. Hey, I'm just keeping it real y'all! :)

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